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15 April 2009 @ 08:57 pm
Confession of shopaholic  
A film adaption from a novel written by Sophie Kinsella.
Rebecca Bloomwood- Isla Fisher
Luke Brandon- Hugh Dancy (kakkoi !)

About a girl who can't resist her strong desire to shop!!!
OMG...I felt lucky that I don't have that kind of problem...
ok... she end up working with magazine Successful Saving..
Magazine about management of money, in which she is poor with.
But it turn out well for her, by the name Girl In The Green Scarf, she advice people on money problem...
It is a romantic-comedy film which is my favorite....
I laugh very hard in the cinema...who cares...
The best scene is during the dancing part, where Rebecca slap Luke with her hand fan...hahahaha..
Isla is sooo adorable...!

Here some picture of the film...

Picture that we manage to take during the outing